Wild camping - how to tell where you can and cannot camp?


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When I camped out (in my younger years) it was always at a camp site, but having seen mention of wild camping here and on other forums I wondered if there was a way to tell if you can or cannot camp somewhere?

What are the rules regarding pitching your tent in a field, for example? Can you just do it anywhere or are there symbols or maps that show you where it is permitted? Is there a general rule of thumb you can use to decide whether somewhere will be safe and/or appropriate?

Daddy Pig

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I live on Dartmoor and there is no indication on the map of where you can or can't camp wild. There are details from the national park which you can overlay and see but not on an OS map.

You would need to seek permission from the land owner, or look online before hand to see if wild camping is acceptable.
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