Why was my account banned?

Discussion in 'Guidelines and FAQs' started by Shaun, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Why was my account banned?

    If you have received a permanent forum ban from the moderators, it's because you have not followed the Forum Rules, either violating the most serious rules or you have repeated violated the rules despite previously receiving reminders or exclusions.

    It's a disciplinary action of last resort because we'd rather not lose forum members. Users are banned if their registration was for inappropriate reasons, if they've abused their forum privileges, tried to advertise or solicit members, or if posts or behaviour were a continuing detriment to the community.

    Since your posting habits weren't found to be acceptable for the site, we suggest that you find a site that's more lenient or accepting of your posts.

    Why didn't I get a warning first?

    If you broke the most serious rules, such as abusing moderators, posting threats, or advertising, you may be banned on the spot. Otherwise, you probably received reminders and/or exclusions, but didn't heed those warnings.

    What if I disagree?

    We expect that the reason for your ban is clear from the message you received, the post involved, and from any previous reminders. If not, see What if I disagree with moderation of my posts?

    What if I have more questions about account bans?

    You'll find more information in the FAQ.
Thread Status:
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