Why do members get reminders, warnings, or exclusions?

Discussion in 'Guidelines and FAQs' started by Shaun, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. Shaun

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    Most members follow the Forum Rules but sometimes people need to be reminded. The moderators routinely remind users of the rules, whether the rules involved are major or minor. If you're alerted about the rules, please understand that it's to help you use the forums properly, avoid causing problems for other members, and to help all our members get the most out of the forums.

    Reminder and warning messages and personal messages about the rules are not punishment. They help you avoid future problems that could otherwise lead to discipline. Even exclusions are a way to give you another chance, with a strong enough warning to encourage you to follow the rules and avoid a permanent ban.

    The rules and moderation guidelines are applied equally to all forum members but messages and disciplinary actions depend on the rule involved, the nature of the violation, and your history of prior violations. Repeated rule-breaking causes stronger actions, so a reminder one time can become a warning or an exclusion the next time.
Thread Status:
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