Which geocaching app do you use?

Discussion in 'Geocaching' started by TVC, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. TVC

    TVC Active Member Staff Member

    Assuming that most of us now use smartphones for cache chasing, which app do you use? I have the Geocaching software, but I tend to use the c:geo app (Android) most of the time, an open source freeware that uses half the memory of geocaching. I find is cleaner and simpler to use and so far bug free.

  2. s7eph

    s7eph Member

    i use the same, x
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  3. Andy_R

    Andy_R Of dubious origin.... Staff Member

    I tend to avoid using my moby and rely on my Garmin instead, but on the occasions when I've forgotten to load caches onto it, or forgotten to charge it, and I have to use the phone, I use c:geo
  4. Regulator

    Regulator Regular Member

    If I’m not using my GPS then I use the Geocaching app from Groundspeak.
  5. BobESkunky

    BobESkunky Member

    c:geo was my go to on Android, I need an IOS one now, any suggestions although my activities geocaching have fallen by the wayside
  6. thegeocachingguy

    thegeocachingguy New Member

    I use looking4cache pro on iPhone
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  7. BobESkunky

    BobESkunky Member

    Ta, I'll have a look.
    I still use my old android for various stuff..
  8. Treewisemonkey

    Treewisemonkey Member

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