Whernside walk

Discussion in 'Hill and Mountain Walking' started by oldfatfool, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. oldfatfool

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    Having joined this esteemed forum I persuaded swmbo to start walking with me, purchased her a pair of poles and boots. Despite spending every weekend in the dales it is a few years since I tackled Whernside and I must admit I had forgotton quite how steep it is climbing from the south, so suggested doing the Whernside walk clockwise from Ribblehead. 7.5 miles in a steady 4.5 hours. Weather was clear and dry with a spirited wind at the summit. So proud of the wife who doesnt do any walking normally and being only a few months off her 60th birthday soldiered all the way round without complaint. Hopefully it wont have put her off. Only one piccy as on phone and battery was kebabed.
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  2. Rocky

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    On the sofa
    Nice one :smile:

    Thanks for posting.
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