What's your favourite musical?


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Just wondering if any of you enjoy musicals and have a favourite (or if you can't pick just one, a shortlist)?

Rickshaw Phil

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Singin' In The Rain.

I love that and all its quotable lines.^_^ Dignity, always dignity!


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Ha ha ha...sorry Phil :smile:

I'm a great fan of Wagner's Ring Cycle and Die Walkure (the second one of four) is probably my favourite. It's about all the important things in life: love, betrayal, honour, courage, loyalty and redemption. I first saw it when I was in the middle of a major argument with my late father and the stand-off between Brunhilde and Wotan rather mirrors that situation.

Rickshaw Phil

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang



I also like Singing in the Rain and High Society....oh and Guys and Dolls.
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