What sort of things do you cook up when you're camping?

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Just wondering what sort of things you are knocking up in the wild? Even if your just adding water, share your wild camp cooking culinary delights. :smile:


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Not wild camping, but I'm partial to a squirrel stew cooked on a swedish torch...

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When I used to do a lot of camping on Dartmoor with friends, we would do a beer drop (via car the day before) into a stream near our overnight camp and have that with a tin of curry and naan bread! No poppadoms kind...
Breakfast would always be 'oats so complcated' made with dried milk. Lunch may include a stop near a stream for tea, soup and usually some form of cake...


Always got to have steak with curry noodles at least once. It's my signature camping dish!
Lots of beans, soup and one pot curry or stew.
Breakfast nearly always porridge and coffee.


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Tuna Pasta, almost the same as I cook at home

  • Tin of Tuna in oil
  • Tin of Chopped Tomatoes (at home I'd use plum tomatoes 'blitzed in the blender)
  • Dried Pasta (generally Spirals but Shells/Penne will do)
  • Couple of cloves of Garlic finely chopped (I wouldn't bother taking my Garlic press that I use at home)
  • Dried Basil (I take a little in a small 'zip-lock' bag)
  • Salt and Black Pepper
Bring the (larger) pan of water to the boil, add Salt and Pasta plus a little of the oil from the Tuna. Return to the boil for a couple of minutes then set aside with a lid on (I plonk the pan on Newspaper to insulate it from 'ground chill')

In the smaller pan heat the rest of the oil from the Tuna and gently fry the Garlic (that you finely chopped whilst waiting for the Pasta to boil) then add the Chopped Tomatoes, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes then add the Tuna and stir whilst that returns to the boil then stir in some Basil. Remove from heat and put the pan of Pasta back on the heat, check cooking of Pasta (It should be 'Al dente' by now) then put the lid back on and drain the pasta then take the lid off and allow to steam a bit before pouring the Sauce over.

Pour another glass of Red (I've drank the 1st one whilst cooking) and enjoy.
This is normally enough for 2 but if solo you can keep the other half and scoff it cold the next day. It's just as nice but I wouldn't try re-heating it (it'll burn/stick to the pan really easily)
Normally I'd throw a risotto together. I always take rice and then whatever I can buy or find I make a one pot risotto. Works well :okay:


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As @Daddy Pig , usually oats so complicated for brekkie - two packs each. Tea, lots of tea. Dinner, pasta, tuna, a bit of other flavouring. I don't do wildcamping often, and not normally for one or two nights, so being boring doesn't bother me.
Often take some cake and instant custart powder for afters.
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