What is the furthest away place from your home that you've been on a walk?


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Just interested to see how far away your walking interest has taken you?

Could be the other side of the county you live in. The other side of the country even. Or maybe you've gone as far away as leaving your own country to go walking in another?

Some pictures would be nice too. I'm very interested to see how far some of you have travelled.



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So far, not very far. About 15 miles. I'm hoping that over the next 12 months I can get out a bit more and go to some new places that I haven't visited before. It should be fun.


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We like to get out walking wherever we go, but the two trips where we went specifically to put on the hiking boots were to Wengen in Switzerland and this year to the North East of Iceland up near the Arctic Circle.


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Climbed/walked up/over? the Pasterze glacier in Austria, on the same road trip also walked around lake Gelmer after taking the funicular from Handegg which with a gradient of 106% is an experiance in itself.



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Kakadu in the Northern Territories in Australia. We camped and explored the whole park for three days back in 2005. Just lovely.
I spent two months in Oz nearly 30 years ago now. :eek:
Did a bit of solo bushwalking, but my Kakadu trip was an organised one in a 4WD.

Technically, it is further away than the Nepal places I mentioned above, but the journey was much easier (one BA plane the whole way, no 9 hour stopover in Dhaka) that Oz feels much closer!
Wengen Switzerland, wow breath taking scenery :thumbsup:


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We also decided to go for a walk around Comino, instead of just playing in the Blue Lagoon during our summer holi's in Malta this year. It's a teeny tiny island (for those of you that don't know), but because it was so hot (36c) we just took a gentle stroll around the island.

Mediterranean Chameleon

And I managed to catch a Cicada on the hop!
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Wow. Some of you have travelled really far. For me it's not very far at all, about 20 miles or so, but plan to go to some new places in the UK in 2018.
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