What is a Swedish Torch Fire or Swedish Fire Torch (also known as a Canadian Candle)?


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Inspired by another post regarding campfire cooking: What is a Swedish Torch Fire or Swedish Fire Torch or Canadian Candle?

The Swedish Torch is basically a self-sustaining, long-burning fire with a flat surface on the top that you can use for cooking, made from a single log.
  • Take a thick log and split it along its length into four or more equal pieces using a chainsaw (cut down about 3/4 of the way) or axe (split and lightly re-bind the pieces back together at around 6 inches from the base - placing thin twigs into the cracks at the top to open them for air to flow through):

  • Build a bundle of kindling on top of the log in the middle. As this kindling burns the thin sections of the log near the top will start burning and air will be sucked through the cracks lower down:


  • Light your fire and watch as the kindling slowly falls through the gaps and descends down into the center, protecting it from the wind, and gentling burning into the log:


  • The outer part of the log sections should remain as the inside burns, allowing you to put a pan on the top:



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