Waterproofing leather boots


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When I was a wee bit younger (many, many, moons ago) I was told by my scout master, and my PE teacher to dubbin my walking boots and my football boots to stop water getting in. Obviously, now in my dotage, I understand the need to keep leather waterproof, but with the advance in waterproofing technologies like Goretex lining in boots is it still useful to use things like dubbin, or does it cause a problem to the waterproof liner?


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Now that is a good question - I’m not sure of the answer. I use the recommended Conditioning Cream on my Brashers


This seems to do the trick


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Maybe I'm wrong? I assumed the dubbin would make the leather gas-tight as well as waterproof, as it's a kind of waxy layer?
Doesnt the dubbin just cause water to run off rather than have time to soak through? As well as keeping the leather supple and avoiding cracking. I think regardless of the amount of dubbin used (short of a visible layer) that if you submerge a dubbined boot made only of leather, after a very short period your feet will be wet


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I'm of the same generation as @Slowandsteady and was always told that leather needed conditioning to keep it supple and water resistant, and that was what dubbin was for. I can see that you don't want walking boots to be too supple, they will lose their ability to properly support your ankles if they're too soft, so dubbin might not be the best, but what about @Rocky's suggestion of proprietry conditioning creams. Are they the same stuff as dubbin but in a makers tin? I've tried to google the ingredients, but haven't managed to find anything out.
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