Water filter for wild camping

Discussion in 'Camping and Caravanning' started by LeeDonny, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. LeeDonny

    LeeDonny New Member

    I'm looking for a water filter for when we go camping next year and I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

    I don't really want to spend hundreds of pounds on this filter, though at the same time I appreciate that you only get what you pay for these days, so any recommendations for a water filter appreciated, especially if you know of any bargains we can snap up. :smile:

  2. Camping Queen

    Camping Queen New Member

    Try the Katadyn Mini ceramic filter. It's on offer for around £60-80 at various places and it's lightweight and easy to take apart and clean:


    Do you need a filter though - have you thought about using water purifier tablets instead?
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  3. Podali

    Podali Regular Member

    If you intend to collect reasonably clear stream water then a device like that is just going to take up excess space in your kit bag, when a simple pack of purifier tablets will do just as good a job (if not better).

    Just take two 1 litre plastic bottles and when the first is empty, fill it with locally sourced water, pop in a tablet and by the time you've used the water in the second bottle the first one will be ready for use. Repeat as needed.

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  4. Grayson

    Grayson Regular Member

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  5. classic33

    classic33 Regular Member

    You check upstream first?
    It's not just cloudy water that's the problem, clear water is no indication it's safe to drink.

    I've an MSR filter, seldom used though. If you're considering a water filter factor in the availability (and cost) of the filters into the price. Also how much you can use it before you start pushing through what the filter collected.
  6. classic33

    classic33 Regular Member

  7. ripio

    ripio Member

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  8. Podali

    Podali Regular Member

    Hence the suggestion for purification tablets. If there are bits and pieces and detritus in the water, pouring it through tights or a sock (unworn, or course) will remove those, without the need for an expensive gadget.
  9. classic33

    classic33 Regular Member

    No complete guarantee there either,

    They're one of the more open manufacturers I've found.

    We've become accustomed to "just drinking water" that many don't think about what else may be in the water. Unless it's being put there in tap water.

    Two that were once thought not to be in the UK
    Cryptosporidium {/URL]

    And if you want to use a sock, you'll need to fill it with something like sand first to filter out the detritus
  10. tonyg52

    tonyg52 Regular Member

    North of Cambridge
    In 1992 I cycled down the national horse trail in Australia (Cook Town to Melbourne) the Katadyn was invaluable, tablets upset my stomach. No upset tummies or problems with parasites and we drunk some really dodgy water.
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  11. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Regular Member

    In the UK I'd just boil your water if it' from a reasonable source. Short rerm you can use water treatment pills and another pill to remove the taste.
    Ive had a watwr filter device in the past... it's slow to use and not great if you want to move quickly. Saying that it worked well on some pretty awful groundwater on Dartmoor many years ago.
  12. AbiS

    AbiS New Member

    I have an msr trailshot- great bit of kit, lightweight, quick and very easy to use. Will set you back about £35
  13. Treewisemonkey

    Treewisemonkey Member

    Got to be the Sawyer mini filter.
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