Walking shoes or walking boots for spring and summer months (next year)?


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Morning everyone. Thinking about some longer walking weekends in spring and summer next year and I wanted to ask whether it is best to wear walking shoes or walking boots in the warmer months, or whether it doesn't matter, so long as they are good quality?

Are boots more specific to certain terrain, such mountains or steep hills, or is it just down to personal preference?

Also, which brands would you recommend - as I'm guessing I might be able to get some bargains over the winter months and put them in the cupboard, ready for next year.


Think about going to a reputable boot store and get fitted.

I did it recently and what a difference, I've odd size feet (one 10 and one slightly 9 3/4) and got measured and sorted in a Keswick store.
It worked for me.
As for brands?
it's what YOU like and see, don't buy because it's THE brand to be seen in. Labelitis and this years colours exist even in this sport.

Tell the person in the shop what you intend to do, type of terrain, time of year, how often you'll walk etc. They should point you in the right direction.

I got a middle boot as I've no intentions of doing any snow/crampon type stuff, just pathed and unpathed local hills, odd Munro and fells when I'm down in the Lakes.
The choice is endless, just have all your info and see what they offer or just buy what you like.


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I tend to go for Brashers for my boots and Salomon trail shoes for shorter distances. As Bob says, it's a question of fit and what works for me. What I wear is motivated by the conditions (muddy and wet vs dry) as well as terrain (rocky/unever vs trails and paths) and what I'm carrying (do I need some extra ankle support).

I don't tend to walk in the hills/mountains in snow and have never used crampons. I prefer my footwear to be slightly flexible as well.

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Personal preference is walking shoes for the easier walks and boots for longer ones or on very uneven ground.

In my case though that's because I've torn the ligaments in both ankles in the past so there is a weakness and it's really easy to twist them if not supported.


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To me, it's more about the terrain. If there is a risk that I will be on uneven ground I always wear boots.
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