Very comfortable and lightweight hiking shoes review KIPRUN TRAIL KALENJI TR and KALENJI EVADICT XT7


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In this video we are going to share with you the review of two trail running shoes that we have been wearing for the last two years now. These are Kalenji TR TRAIL and Kalenji EVADICT XT7 TRAIL. They are both great hiking shoes in our opinion and have many similarities between them, that’s why we decided to combine the two reviews in one video. We’ll see how they differ, look at the general specs of them and share our real on trail experience and final thoughts and opinion about them. Also we have one old pair of shoes that we’ve been wearing for the whole year now and one new so that we can compare their durability as well.

What type of shoes you prefer for hiking?

Note: All items were purchased by our own money and we have no affiliation with the brands.
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