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I recently got a Tilley T3 hat, after many years of scoffing at wearers of the same. I always thought they were for older people, but with age comes wisdom. I have several peaked baseball type hats but they all leave ears and neck exposed to the sun. I have a buff, but it feels tight and restrictive in warm weather, and soon gets soaked in sweat.
I always liked the bush hats we were issued for overseas service in the army, but did not fancy going back to looking like a survivalist, and in any case the brim was always too floppy.
So a Tilley it is. I find it to be just what I needed all these years. The only down side is that moisture builds up inside the crown, there's a "secret" pocket in there, plus some flotation foam. I guess I can ditch the foam as I will not be going anywhere in a canoe, or to sea.
They are expensive, but I shopped around and got £20 off.


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I have been thinking about upgrading from a bucket type hat I have been using for a while to something more substantial like a Tilley hat but couldn't make my mind up which type to have, did you buy online or a retailer and try some on ?.


I bought online but I followed the fitting guide to get my size, it's on the Tilley website. Didn't want the curved brim type so went with the T3. The other website I was on had lots of people raving about them but it's only a hat. Chris Townsend favours the hikers hat, with a well ventilated crown.
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