Sunrise or sunset?


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Any preference as a walker or photographer? Any areas where you've witnessed something spectacular?


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Most definitely sunset. Quite simply because I am not an early riser and the sun has usually come up long before I get to my tea and toast.

I can't say I have really witnessed or captured any particularly spectacular sunsets, but on the rare occasions I am still out walking at sunset, I do feel a gentle calm descending along with the setting sun.



Both, if that's allowed? On account of experiencing wonderful sunsets and sunrises over the years. I don't have any photos handy but if I remember will post a few later.


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As a photographer, sunrise. Our weather predominately comes from the southwest so lighting at sunset is much more reflection from clouds and "redder" than usual. Sunrise seems to look purer (if that makes sense), gentler, and lighter, to me when I'm taking photos. This is probably all bollox, but it's just how I feel. At this time of year you're also more likely to get inversions at sunrise, and they make for some amazing ethereal photos.
Sunrise for me. Being an early riser has to have a few benefits doesn't it?


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