So what do you all do when you are not out walking?

Discussion in 'The Bothy (off topic)' started by Phoenix, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    Hello everyone. Just wondered what you all get up to when you are not out walking?

    For me it's listening to music and catching up on box sets I have recorded, but never seem to find the time to watch when they are being shown.
  2. TVC

    TVC Active Member Staff Member

    I enjoy cycling and diving, along with hill walking that makes my sound like a bit of an action man, but I'm not, all are done at a sedate pace and in moderation ^_^.
    I don't watch much telly, I would rather listen to music, but I get most joy from live performance - music, comedy, and theatre. It doesn't even have to be that accomplished, just so long as it's live.
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  3. Andy_R

    Andy_R Of dubious origin.... Staff Member

    Much the same as TVC - I quit diving in the UK though, as I decided that sitting in the airing cupboard would be more fun than being 30M down in 8C water with about 15cm visibility. I spend a lot more than "an hour a week" with my Scout troop and my wife's Cub pack getting young people engaged with the outdoors, their community, and their future.
  4. Cartable

    Cartable Regular Member Staff Member

    Having been involved in Scouts a lot in the past I definitely "get" this. You can end up spending pretty much all of your free time either doing scouting related stuff, or planning scouting related stuff, or helping others with planning, organising or doing scouting related stuff. In short, it can take over. It does bring great satisfaction and reward though, and seeing a young person arrive as a shy, hesitant and not very confident individual, grow and develop into an active, involved, confident and bright young person with a whole set of skills they wouldn't learn at home or school is worth its weight in gold. :smile:
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  5. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    I’m also the same as TVC when it comes to hobbies and interests. Our musical tastes may vary a tad though because I’m a fan of Richard Wagner. I also enjoy scuba diving although I see from my dive log that I haven’t dived since 2013.....must do something about that.
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  6. oldfatfool

    oldfatfool Regular Member

    Ah yes @Andy_R the hand on the shoulder telling you it is only an hour a week, remember it well. :laugh:

    No diving here, well not into water ar least:tongue: but cycling is high on my list of hobbies along with greyhound welfare, walking, driving, and lazing around. Fortunate enough to have a bolt hole at the foot of Ingleborough that pretty much panders to all activities.
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  7. s7eph

    s7eph Member

    I don't walk as much as i used to, but i cycle, walk the dogs or sit on my ar*e reading cycling forum :wub:
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  8. Tribble

    Tribble Regular Member

    I don't really have much spare time but when I do I like to switch off with a good book for an hour or so.
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  9. Gravity Aided

    Gravity Aided New Member

    I also cycle, and listen to symphonic music, and pursue a hobby in photography, and I , as well as @Rocky , enjoy the music of Wagner.
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  10. TVC

    TVC Active Member Staff Member

    Are the dogs up to some proper walking?
  11. s7eph

    s7eph Member

    not really, they are french bulldogs but we walk for over an hour in afternoon and half hour morning
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  12. Paulsb

    Paulsb Regular Member

    Chorley Lancashire
    I’m retired and my days are astonishingly busy. Mainly they are filled with cycling, my first passion, usually on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and I recently became my club’s secretary which is more admin than anticipated.

    My other main interest is my allotment. I haven’t been able to invest adequate time in this for years and productivity declined dramatically in 2015 and 2016. This year I was able to get back to basics, improving soil structure, fertility etc. and been rewarded with bumper crops.

    Following Blackburn Rovers for my sins.
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  13. odav

    odav Guest

    Trying to find time between kids and work is difficult. My main hobby is cycling and rebuilding old bikes. I love camping, but am a real fairweather one now! My boys both play for football teams so that takes up a lot of time but is enjoyable. Watching an under 7's footy game is the perfect antidote to the excesses of the Premier League.
  14. Drago II - the sequel

    Drago II - the sequel Regular Member

    Read, play with my ham radios, play with my motorbikes, kayak, snooze.
  15. Pawl

    Pawl New Member

    Do more cycling than walking these days mainly due to a dodgy right knee

    Stayed in the Langdale valley in May had som nice low level walks/strolls
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