Outdoor songs

Songs that make you think of the outdoors - the moutains, the sea, the sky...

This may not actually be about mountains, but seeing clouds from both sides reminds me of being above the clouds.

And this one's obvious:

And one for the sky - I always associate this with biplanes, open cockpits, so I reckon it counts as 'outdoors'



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I will always associate the music of Sigur Ros with Iceland, it's clear their compositions are inspired by the landscape and their own Icelandic sensibilities.

During my walking holiday there this summer I had a Sigur Ros song going through my head at all times, they seem to have a tune appropriate for every view, and every type of weather.


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View: https://youtu.be/w1I2nCAaodI

This is sung by Julie Fowlis from North Uist in The Western Isles. Makes me think of cliff tops, wild weather and stormy seas.
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