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Hallo to everyone on Outdoors Chat.

Like many others on here I've been a long-time member of its sister site for cycling, but at least it's a chance for a new avatar.

I currently live near Cambridge, which can seem a distressingly long way from the hills, and I have spent more time in recent years on my bike, but many of my favourite walks have been in Wales, with great nights bivouacking under the stars. And best walk ever was the Făgăraș Mountains in Romania.

Rickshaw Phil

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Hi and :welcome:.

Glad you've found us over here and hope you enjoy the site.^_^


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Great to see you here Rob. :smile:
This site (or maybe 'tab' is a better word?) could turn out to be an interesting addition to CC, but I have a lot less to say here than in the other place - I'll pop over here to discuss boots and rucksacks, and post a few walk pictures, but it's going to be much more seasonal than cycling.
New site new avatar i like your thinking ,,,,welcome
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