Ok, Winter has officially arrived

It is really cold now so last night I admitted defeat and we put our thick winter duvet on the bed.

This evening I put the lining back in my parker coat, tiny buttons, talk about fiddly :wacko:. Anyway, all done so tomorrow I will be toastie warm when walking home.

What is the first sign on winter for you?


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I know it’s winter when Gravel starts wearing a long sleeved T shirt to go with his shorts......but not a lot else.
Had a flurry of the white stuff about half an hour ago.


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I hate the short days.... but we are nearly at the shortest day. It usually seems a long slog up from there though.


Frantically refreshing the Liverpool County FA website hoping my sons Sunday morning footy match has been postponed. It's a winter tradition in our house.

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Looks promising for the arrival of winter here at the end of this week. Snow showing in some of the forecasts on Friday.:snowball:

My siblings aren't so keen though. They are going to be out in the cold all day on Saturday, manning a stall at the last Made In Shropshire event of the season in the centre of Shrewsbury.
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