Natures shopping trolley - do you wild forage?


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I've picked and eaten brambles (blackberries) but not much else. Do any of you wild forage? Do you know what fungi are edible and which species are poisonous?


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I don't wild forage because I'm always worried that I'll eat something that is poisonous or will make me feel ill. Even when I'm getting water, say from a lake, I tend to use a few drops of iodine to purify it. This is particularly so if I'm doing a long walk like Coast to Coast or the Pennine Way, as I'd hate to end up abandoning due to an upset stomach.


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I've picked field mushrooms - they're very easy to identify, but otherwise I've not forayed into fungi. Coastal forraging is a lot easier - most seaweed is edible, as are limpets and cockles. A word of warning about limpets though....only eat limpets if you really, really need to. It's like trying to chew your way through a tractor tyre, and about as tasty.
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