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Hi all!

looking for some advice about a jacket i bought.
I bought the mountain equipment lhotse in may, It developed dye marks all over it after a few uses so i contacted mountain equipment they told me to return it to gooutdoors, they refused to take it back saying that i was normal for bright coloured jackets to get dye marks on them... went back to mountain customer care and sent the jacket in, they phoned me when the jacket arrived and apologised said this shouldnt have happened so offered me a similar jacket or rufund as the jacket wouldn't have been in stock till October, I took the refund option and the lady said she would contact gooutdoors to organise this for me.
hadn't heard anything for around 2 weeks so i contacted them again to find out the person who would normally action refunds at gooutdoors was on annual leave and she would contact someone else in the company.
This was the last time i heard from the customer service at mountain equipment 24/7/19 so i decided to email last friday and still have had no reply, I understand people could be on holiday etc
Has this happened to anyone else? Looking for some advice on how to best take this forward and get it sorted.
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