In praise of canal towpaths

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    My current favourite walk is along the Oxford canal. Obviously it’s flat (apart from a few locks) but the views are stunning, bird life is lovely and I get to meet all sorts of great people going about their business on the water.

    6E3FAA37-3B09-48C3-8127-B1DA74A06C03.jpeg 0FB12B32-8E3F-45E7-84CE-1332F6031FFF.jpeg A8796578-5D81-4680-A128-B5FB6F8849E4.jpeg D76AFD8E-50AF-4875-B8B2-45862D73E1A8.jpeg
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    It looks nice!

    I will be cycling along the towpath from Thrupp to Oxford in a few weeks time. A friend of mine has a boat at Thrupp so I will be riding over from my sister's house in Leighton Buzzard to see the boat and have a chat with him. I am travelling back from Oxford by train.

    The Rochdale canal passes down the Calder Valley and the towpath is a nice walk (or cycle ride - as long as you choose a time when there are not too many walkers on it).

    CAADX by bridge over Rochdale Canal.jpg

    Pony - Rochdale canal.jpg

    Rochdale canal bluebells.jpg

    EDIT: I don't know how I posted the first picture twice - I deleted the duplicate!
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    The Lee Navigation earlier today...

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