I have a rough idea of what Geocaching is but could someone explain in more detail please?

Discussion in 'Geocaching' started by Macron, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Macron

    Macron Member

    I get that it is putting things somewhere for other people to find, but since it seems to be quite popular there must be more to it than that, so what makes geocaching so interesting?

    Is it the fact that it gets people out and about? Are the things people hide interesting or unusual?

    And how easy is it to start geocaching? Do you have to hide something of your own first and have people find it, then go and find their stuff?
  2. s7eph

    s7eph Member

    I have done some geocatching here in France. Still fairly new but willing to answer any guestions if i can. Good luck it can be quite addictive !!
  3. s7eph

    s7eph Member

  4. Andy_R

    Andy_R Of dubious origin.... Staff Member

    You can download c:geo onto any android phone and get started without having to pay anything. You'll need a pen/pencil, a pair of tweezers, a lot of patience and a sense of humour as some caches can take absolutely ages to find.
  5. Andy_R

    Andy_R Of dubious origin.... Staff Member

    I got to around 900 finds before I placed any of my own caches.
  6. s7eph

    s7eph Member

    best to get a bit of experience of finding catches and learning a bit about catching before hiding your own.
  7. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Well-Known Member

    A few years ago we picked up a childs plastic crocodile from a local cache and took it to Australia with us, took a picture with Sydney Opera House in the back ground then placed it in a cache. Unfortunately he has disappeared but hopefully his young owner was happy that his croc had travelled.
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  8. Andy_R

    Andy_R Of dubious origin.... Staff Member

    I was inspired by a find to make this little beggar
    16601944_10211983576844535_5257634493026750033_o.jpg 16602176_10211983577164543_6801505275601413553_o.jpg 16422915_10211983576404524_7774115621386125638_o.jpg

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  9. Regulator

    Regulator Regular Member

    I must admit I do prefer physical caches to the the virtual ones. That said, I’ve used multi-cache virtual caches as a way of getting to know cities.
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  10. BobESkunky

    BobESkunky Member

    using multi-billion dollar military defence satellites to find Tupperware in the woods.
  11. thegeocachingguy

    thegeocachingguy New Member

    Hi. I love Geocaching and quit my job to launch a magazine about and help people get started.

    Perhaps this link will help.

    View: https://youtu.be/5TJA1N0nRpY

    Happy to answer any questions
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  12. s7eph

    s7eph Member

    I've lost a bit of interest in geocaching at moment; all there is to find here are very small catches holding just a wet log ! hopefully come summer i"ll get back to it x would love to have somebody to help with some of the puzzle catces, as my french isnt good enough to make out !!
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  13. Phoenix

    Phoenix New Member

    What is a virtual cache? I would have assumed they were all physical (and that's sort of the point of looking for them), but perhaps not? (I'll admit I only have a very basic understanding of what geocaching is :smile:)
  14. Regulator

    Regulator Regular Member

    This gives a good explanation of the various cache types. Different geocaching site may use slightly different names but the basic types are all roughly the same.

    ‘Virtual caches’ were where, rather than finding a physical cache, you found a particular place and were normally required to provide a piece of information that could only be gleaned by visiting the spot in order to log the cache. Sometimes, in multi virtual caches, the information you had to get would help provide the coordinates for the next cache in the chain.
  15. Gritstone

    Gritstone Member

    This has just peaked my curiosity, again.

    I'd started the British Cycle Quest but going to be very infrequently be able to continue that for a while, due to the large distances between points, as now with a 1 year old I don't have the time for audaxing/cycle travel, so Geocaching could be a fun thing to get me exploring new areas.

    Just logged into my old geocaching.com account, previously logged only 3 caches; 2 traditional and 1 earth. Those were back in 2012/2013, maybe time to have another go
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