I bought myself a new backpack.


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I’ve got a 20l pack and a 75l pack but wanted something in between... so I treated myself to a Fjallraven Bergen 30

I haven’t let on to Mr R how much it cost yet. :blush:
Looks nice, Reg :smile:


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Ah ha. Me too!! First time I’ve had or shopped for a day pack/decent rucksack. I had no idea there was so much to getting a proper fit.

I was also surprised that, not unlike boots or shoes, one could tell almost instantly whether it would be comfy or not. Started this search a month ago then last Thursday night while preparing for our Friday walk realised I hadn’t bought a new one!!

Went back to the shop on Saturday and bought the one I had first looked at. :blink: I don’t know if this is good or bad but I like it.
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I found most I tried fitted well on the shoulder. This was the only one which sat comfortably on my hips and I could adjust so that I’m able to stand without leaning forward or back.


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A quick review of the Lowe Alpine Trail above. Keep in mind I’ve never used what I regard as a quality pack before or previously fully understood the value of correct position etc. I realise much of this will be old hat to many but may be useful to less experienced walkers like myself.

This week was my first chance to use the pack seriously over three days walking in the Lakes. I carried water, flask, lunch and snacks, wet weather gear, an extra fleece and a small survival/emergency kit. The bag easily swallowed these up and could have taken more. By distributing things I wanted to access while walking in the side pockets and belt it was good not to need stop to grab a drink, nuts etc. These pockets are all easily reachable while moving.

Before setting off I thought I had the backpack properly adjusted but found it pulling on one shoulder. 30 seconds of adjustment resolved this. From here on I walked comfortably all day without experiencing any of the discomfort or the need to lean forward which I’ve always done in the past. Air circulation around my back was very good.

On our third day when we didn’t carry lunch I took all my wife’s spare clothing. Despite the extra bulk there was still plenty of room has we needed it.

What I know realise but had never thought of the similarities between carrying kit for cycling and walking. On the bike drinks are on the frame, food, rain jacket etc. easily reached in jersey pockets and other gear in a saddle bag. All the same with a decent walking pack.
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