How many years have you been a serious walker?


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I don't mean being stern-faced and only ever discussing really deep topics on your walks, but doing walks of sizeable distance or difficulty, the sort of walks that make your colleagues and family pale at the thought ... :laugh:


Dunno really, not sure if I count myself as serious. Biggest (toughest) walk I have done-twice-is High Cup Nick, inc. scrambling down the nick, as a circuit from Appleby station, about 11 miles.


probably about 15 years. i was walking lots at the start but now i've been to all the same spots umpteen times the long walks are less these days. i do try and find new walks when i can


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I've been a keen walker ever since I was a kid, when my dad use to take me out, I guess it was a cheap way of entertaining me, and stopped me getting too fat. I joined the school rambling club when I was in secondary school. I later joined the army, but their idea of hiking was no-where-near as much fun and the same goes for they take on camping!. They can be a bit serious at times, and their geat was a bit on the heavy side as it wasn't that technical! That is not to say we didn't have some good laughs.

I love the countryside, plus I found the great outdoors one of the best gyms in the world and it's free save travelling expenses. It keep me active and reasonably fit, and ensures that my waist line doesn't exceed my inside leg by more than 2-4 inches. Since leaving the army, I have generally gone out somewhere at least once a month. I'm not a peak bagger, nor do I try to do a peak in the shortest amount of time. I guess I'm a more of a leisurely walker, so I can appreciate the tranquility and scenery. Whilst I am an all weather walker, I generally avoid the rain and 40 mph winds, but it doesn't bother me if I get caught out.


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About 45 years and still love to walk everyday and cycle when the weather is good, used to like mountain walking and long distance walks 25+ miles, mainly do low level walks now, my last long mountain walk was from Aviemore to Braemar through the Lairig Ghru mountain pass which was about 23 miles to the Linn of Dee when I was 65.
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