How many pairs of walking shoes or walking boots do you own?


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One serious pair of Scarpas for hill walking. I used to have more, including some solid plastic winter climbing boots which were a nightmare to walk in but a single pair does me nowadays. I think mine are Mantas but the older leather version before the current ones. What I can't get over is the staggering cost of boots now, I hope these Mantas last a good few years yet.


One pair of walking boots.

One pair of walking shoes.

Some sandal type ones that I only wear occasionally.


One pair of old leather walking boots.
A pair of old hi tec fabric boots that are almost destroyed, but stay in the boot of my car for unplanned jaunts.
A pair of lightweight fabric shoes.
My pair of chunky sandals with toe guards for summer.


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1 pair of 'normal' scarpas, in use
1 pair of leaky scarpas, relegated to gardening
1 pair of gore-tex lined fabric boots, now with a hole so they are only waterproof when wearing waterproof socks, kept for dry summer walks
1 pair of scarpa mantas, virtually unworn - so stiff they make my feet hurt and so they live in a box in the utility room

no walking shoes


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One pair of boots, which are about 25 years old.... :blush:

But I'll walk in a variety of footware even the ridicoulus ... yes I have done some walks in Birkenstocks :whistle:


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One pair of new leather boots, the old ones being about to bite the dust.

One pair of glorified trainers for when I am expecting to walk mainly on tarmac. They too are about to bite the dust so when I have recovered from the cost of new boots I will treat myself to some walking shoes.
This afternoon I bought a new pair of light weight walking shoes for our holiday later this year. We will be doing a few miles around Hong Kong so I want something sturdy but not too heavy. Got them from Mountain Warehouse, they sell some really good stuff especially t-shirts.
I’ve just added another pair of Meindl boots - Meindl Asti Mid GTX - to the collection. That’s the third pair of Meindl. These have been bought for my Camino walk in September and are breaking in nicely.

Mark Grant

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Yesterday I bought a new pair of Brasher boots, after many years the lining in my old pair is failing. I also have a pair of Hanwag GTX and some North Face walking trainers.
I had a pair of Timberland walking boots but they were more fashion than function, the last time I wore them one of the soles fell off!
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