How do you put a picture next to your text?


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I have got the hang of making new conversations and replying to ones other people have made but I don't know what it is called, the picture next to the text you type - how does one go about adding a picture there?



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Hello Podali,

It's called your Avatar - and it's fairly easy to add or change:
  • Make sure you have the picture image file you want to use saved on your computer
  • Visit your account avatar page by using the drop-down menu on your username (top right) - or by clicking this link:
  • Click the Choose File button and highlight the image file you want to use ... then click the Open button
  • Now click Save Changes to apply the image to your account
If you try, but cannot get it to work, just upload the picture you want to use and I'll add it for you. :okay:

Shaun :biggrin:


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Just in case it is of interest to anyone else, you can also drag your avatar photo around before you save it - in case it isn't centred on the part of the photo you want:

As it uploads:

After dragging to center it:
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