How do I know if my post reports are helpful?

Discussion in 'Guidelines and FAQs' started by Shaun, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. Shaun

    Shaun Active Member Staff Member

    In many cases your post reports are exactly what the moderators need to do their jobs. Whether post reports are about serious or trivial problems, we appreciate your help in keeping the site running smoothly and bringing things to our attention.

    If you submit a post report that the moderators decide doesn't require action, there's little harm done. If you make a habit of reporting posts that don't need to be reported, the moderators may let you know and explain the rule involved, to save you and themselves future time and trouble.

    As a general rule the moderators won't give you feedback about reports, but rest assured all reports are read and many of them result in action that improves our forums for all our community members; so please do report anything you feel might need moderator attention.

Thread Status:
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