Hello! My Upcoming Walk


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Hello all,

I am here to gain some advice, perspective, any ideas on my planned walk from Austin, TX to Manhattan, NYC. I recently met a gentleman named Peter, who performed this recently.. He left me feeling super inspired and based off of his story, I have decided to undergo this journey for myself.

I am running into a few issues though in terms of finances... I am younger (age 25) and I am not completely financially ready at this point to spend the money on hotels each night..

Some ideas I had were possible sponsorships, reaching out to charities, possibly staying in a tent 5 nights out of the week and motels 2, using couch surfing as often as I can, etc.

If you guys have any idea on how I can get closer to making this walk a reality, please provide any info you feel inclined to share.

Also, I would like to incorporate my grandmothers illness into this walk somehow as she is suffering from alzheimers. I would like to walk this journey for Alzheimers.

I plan on starting my journey in April 2021, so I have some time to plan.

As you can probably tell, I am a total newb as I have never done anything longer than a 5 mile walk... So please excuse my lack of knowledge around these things.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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