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East Yorkshire
Hi everyone, new member here from East Yorkshire. I don't consider myself a serious walker, but I do love the great outdoors, walking, camping and skiing. I try to get out at least once a month. I created my own website hikingaround.co.uk where I store my favourite walks. It's a lot easier to access them more readily, than having them in a folder, though I still have the folder, but it gathers dust in the loft now.

I am equally happy on a challenging route as I am on a flat walk. I'm not a peak bagger nor do I want to try and do a certain peak in a certain amount of time. That said, if I've had to move my belt out a notch, I do tend to put on a bit of a pace or maybe a bit more effort when ascending a peak. It's much better than putting myself on a diet, I don't need to deprive myself of anything. Plus the exercise keeps me out of my doctor's surgery, I don't seem to get as many colds as others. Not sure if that's down to my hiking, but I like to think it has something to do with it.

I am generally a leisurely walker, where I can take in and appreciate the scenery and wildlife, and a bonus if it has a pub along the way. When rushing the walk, you just seem to miss so much of the beauty that our pleasant set of islands has to offer. Apart from the great outdoors being the best gym ever, and its free-ish, I find it very theraputic, plus I have met a few characters on the way, never come a cross an unsociable walker, yet.

I am also trying to learn a bit about photography, since creating my website, I'd like to capture the walks as I see and remember them. I am certainly no landscape photographer, but pics do the job of creating a quick reference of where I may fancy a day or half a day out if I happen to be in the area.
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Looked at website, thanks for the info on walks will help when I am next in Yorkshire, was in Yorkshire in last 2 weeks of September 1 in the Dales and 1 in the North Moors and coast had a great couple of weeks walks from coastal walks to forest walks, parts of Coast to Coast and Cleveland Way, cant wait until next years visit.
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