Hello, fancy a brew?


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Well since I'm the first one through the doors (mind the wet paint!) I'll pop the kettle on a say Hello and welcome to those of you that follow on behind.

I'm relatively new to walking, well not actually walking, I've been doing that for many years, but walking as a pastime and walking out with groups on planned / organised treks.

I've only done a couple so far and due to lack of care and attention of my diet etc. have found it hard work, but the satisfaction of getting out in the fresh air and getting some exercise is worth the effort it takes (and I'm reliably informed it does get easier ... hhmmm).

I'm looking forward to chatting with a few new people, and picking the brains of those of you with more experience at doing this sort of stuff.

Kettle's boiled ... I'll stand by and dish out the brews as you all arrive ... :cuppa:

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I'll have a cuppa if you don't mind! :biggrin: :cuppa: (I like these smilies)


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Oh, lovely, coffee here too please.


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I'm Jim from the East Midlands of the UK. Anyone migrating from the cyclechat forum will already know of me. Most of my hiking is done in the Peak District, but I'm equally happy on flat village walks, or bothering a towpath.

Tea for me please
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I'll be naughty and get one from the bar - a Guinness and a bag of pork scratchings for me please!

I do a lot of walking with my Scouts, and alone (apart from the hound), mainly Northumberland and Durham Dales, but also the Yorkshire Dales and Moors.

ian h

Ian H, dragged over from Cyclechat. East Devon is a very good area to walk, though Exmoor and Dartmoor are nearby if I fancy something more spectacular, as is the Devon coast. There again, I have friends in Wales, so you'll find me there on occasion.


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Bloody hell ... a rush on the tea trolley over the weekend - hello everyone - <pours tea and coffee all round>. :biggrin:

Just for you Lullabelle I nipped out to the shops and got some Custard Creams, Jaffa Cakes, and a Family Assortment just in case you didn't like the other two. :thumbsup: Dive in quick before the rest of them snaffle 'em! :mrpig:
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