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I've got a Petal Reactik Rechargeable Reactive head lamp. It cost £70 from Amazon. There's a lot of paths and alleyways round here with no lighting and I take this with me for night walks. I also use it for my usual trip up the canal towpath. It's got a good life (spec says 15 hours). A potential downside is that it's rechargeable (also a plus IMO) and so on multi-day trips a power source is needed. It's comfortable and weight-wise very light to wear.



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HeroBeam® LED Head Torch - Best Pocket-Sized Headlamp for Running, Dog Walking, Fishing, Biking, Camping, Watching Nature, Reading, Cycling or DIY - White/Red Lighting Modes - Lightweight, Comfortable and Weatherproof - includes DURACELL Batteries - 5 YEAR WARRANTY

Their header says it all and so many 5 star reviews and less than £20 - Amazon

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If you use a headtorch ... which ones have you found fit and work the best?
What do you want it for... there are many to choose from. I like my petzel nao as I can set different power setting for my needs and also have the reactive lighting.
That may be overkill though....
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I replaced mine last year with a Cree Lightway I found in Aldi. Very inexpensive and perfectly adequate. Has one led and uses AAA batteries. Came in a pack including a torch.
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