Have you taken part in a charity walk or challenge?

Discussion in 'General Walking Discussions' started by Lullabelle, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Well-Known Member

    A number of years ago we both took part in the Chatsworth Challenge. It was hard but we acheived it in 9 hours and 57 minutes.

    It felt good to achieve this as it was the longest and hardest walk we have ever done and raised a few pennies for a good cause.

    Anyone else taken part in something similar, would you consider taking part?

  2. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    I haven't done this one, Lu but I did do the Trailwalker a couple of years running. Its 100km across the South Downs Way and done in teams of four. You are given 27 hours to complete it and the whole thing is run by the Gurkhas in aid of Oxfam.
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  3. classic33

    classic33 Regular Member

    Done The Three Peaks, the Three National Peaks(24 hours), the four National Peaks(36 hours), the three highest in the Lake District, the Welsh 3,000 footers, Snowden Horseshoe and a more local one The Lyke Way walk . All for a bit of fun, raising money for charities in the process.

    Last one left is the Five National Peaks(48 hours). Last time that was entered the drivers were unable to make the start, so it wasn't done.
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  4. OP

    Lullabelle Well-Known Member

    It feels good to be a part of something worthwhile doesn't it :okay:
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  5. Ashness

    Ashness New Member

    I won't sponsor anyone doing the National Three Peaks. There are so many reports of vehicles clogging up Wasdale for the Scafell Pike route, people not used to mountain walking needing to be rescued, plastic water bottles littering the place. Never mind the petrol wasted driving all those distances. Why not enjoy the mountains? If you want a physical challenge, do something like the Moonwalk instead.

    As for the Lyke Wake Walk (not Lyke 'Way' Walk), see this from the Wikipedia article on it:
    Long distance walking is fine, but spread yourself around - do a multi day walk, stay in hostels or B&Bs and buy food in pubs - help the local economy.
  6. Tribble

    Tribble Regular Member

    Wow, sounds like you are super-fit. Were your workmates and family all fed up of being asked to sponsor you by the time you did the last one. :smile: What charities did you raise money for?
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  7. classic33

    classic33 Regular Member

    Two cancer charities, local Search & Rescue Team(Calder Valley), a local hospice and the local Scout group(I was a Scout leader there and elsewhere).

    Workmates thought I was nuts, but I was doing something I liked doing. I'm far from "super-fit", just enjoy walking amongst other things.
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