Have you ever stayed in a Yurt? What are they like?


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My partner randomly floated the idea of staying in a Yurt for a few days during the summer holidays (taking along teenager + friend). I found one that seemed reasonably priced in Keld, Swaledale - http://www.swaledaleyurts.com/ - and wondered if anyone has stayed in one and what it was like?

It looks like "posh" camping, with a massive tent and proper (soft and warm) bed, but no toilet or cooking facilities (although not sure if those can be added as extras?).

It would save carting a load of camping gear in our small family car and location wise I expect there will be a few good walks in the area (that's another thread).

Any advice / experiences welcome. :smile:


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A friend of a friend lived in a yurt on a local hillside. He had done a deal with a local farmer to do unpaid work on the farm and in return was allowed to erect the yurt in the corner of a field. It was very well hidden by trees and bushes so you could barely see it unless you went into the field and round the back of the bushes. He was worried that the council would find out about it and say that he was lacking planning permission to build his home there

I was quite impressed with it. He had a log burner in there to keep it warm. There was a lot more space than I thought there would be. I don't know how warm it would be in really cold conditions, but it was pretty cosy on the cool day that I visited.
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