Greetings from the beach.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Hill Wimp, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Hill Wimp

    Hill Wimp Regular Member

    Morning all,

    I write this from a beach hut by the English Channel on a chilly and blustery day.

    A good walk near the sea is just what the doctor ordered along with a bit of touring on one of my bikes.

    Love the great outdoors and all the things mother nature gives us.
  2. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Nemesis Ridiculii Staff Member

    :hello: and :welcome:. Glad you've found us.;)
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  3. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    Welcome!! Nice to see you :smile:
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  4. Glyder

    Glyder Regular Member

    A peninsula
    What about midges?

    I'm not sure mother nature got them right, pesky little critters.
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  5. OP
    Hill Wimp

    Hill Wimp Regular Member

    No midges here.
  6. pipes

    pipes Regular Member

    Romney Marsh
    Hi Ms Wimp. Another migrant from CC here
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  7. Tribble

    Tribble Regular Member

    Hello :hello:
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  8. Drago II - the sequel

    Drago II - the sequel Regular Member

    Beach Hut is just a posh name for a bus shelter ;)

    Good to have you aboard Wimpy.
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  9. robjh

    robjh New Member

    Sure I've seen you somewhere before:hello:
  10. OP
    Hill Wimp

    Hill Wimp Regular Member

    Yay how are you doing ? Bit dark on the marsh now I suppose.
  11. OP
    Hill Wimp

    Hill Wimp Regular Member

    Hush now I have appearances to keep up.
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  12. i hate hills

    i hate hills Regular Member

    Nice place to live . welcome
  13. raleighnut

    raleighnut Regular Member

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