Glyndwr's way nightmare

Having completed the glyndwr's way this week I can honestly say it's been the walk from hell.
I feel like I've done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson thanks to being attacked several times by vicious dogs and fighting with farmers.
Day 1 passed off ok but day 2 I had to pass through a farm with several vicious dogs roaming freely.
An angry jack Russell got hold of my ankle and tore my berghaus paclite trousers to shreds and drawing blood from my ankles while a rottweiler tried to bite my hands off.
Luckily I managed to jump over a fence before being seriously hurt.
As I sat down to recover a farmer came running over to me shouting to get of his effing land.
I stood up and told him I had just been attacked by his dogs he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. Before walking off.
Upset and shook up by the incident I carried on with my walk.
Three hours or so later I had to pass through another farm to be met with another farmer shouting and balling that I was on his land.
As I explained I was on the glyndwr's way he then got me in a headlock and wrestled me to the ground, called me every name under the sun and told me to eff off.
Day 3 I nearly got run down on beacon hill by yobs on scramble bikes.
I shouted at them to mind out for walkers.
They then got off their bikes and gave me a good kicking before speeding off.
Day 4 I stopped off for a pint on a pub on the trail and got into a fight with a local drunk.
Day 5 got bit again by a dog and as I told the owner to keep his dog under control he responded by punching me in the face and walking off.
Day 6 got into an argument with some mountain bikers who nearly ran me over.
I asked them to mind out before being threatened with a barrage of abuse and threats.
On the final day at welshpool I got into a scuffle with another farmer who accused me of leaving a gate open.
I'm just glad to be back home now despite being battered, bruised and bit to pieces.
This truly was the walk from hell.
I walk I wish never to repeat.
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