Fight over Treetop Trek's plans to put zip wires over Thirlmere reservoir


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Saw it on the TV news this morning and thought about OC (couldn't find a link to the BBC news clip but the story is covered in this Guardian article):

The company wants to put massive zip wires across the reservoir for people to "fly" over the landscape; local conservation campaigners are, naturally, fighting to keep them away.

It's not a place I've visited but the views looked stunning on the news clip and all I could think of was how the natural beauty and uncluttered view would be completely spoiled by such an enterprise.

Have any of you been to Thirlmere?


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Yup, I've also written a letter of protest to the planning committe (deadline may have passed by now, can't remember).

Bloody stupid idea, some of their arguments are that Thirlmere is already a man-made environment (which is true, it's a reservoir and sometimes the bare shorelines when the water level is low are a bit of an eyesore, plus there's a major road running along one shore), but to my mind that is no reason to add further man-made crap to it. The bleating about making extra jobs is only a handful of jobs, which will almost certainly be seasonal. The Lake District has enough attractions without this kind of molly-coddled thrill seeking. If you want real thrills, pay a local company/instructor for some rock climbing lessons.
... and breathe!

I don't know what the new cycle tracks are that the newspaper report mentions. The road around the west side of the lake is already a good cycle route - quiet and scenic.

Website for the protest: including a petition if you want to sign.

Deadline for protests to the planning authority is today, not sure what time today, though. Links etc on the Zip Off site.
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