Feet issues, looking for advice.


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Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is any advice out there to help. My feet always seem to be the first to give out on me. The ball of my foot produces a huge blister many layers of skin thick. Admittedly I am a big guy and the feet take the brunt but i seem to suffer regardless of the training that I have put in etc. Any thoughts?


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Hi, do you wear liner socks under your walking socks, as they can help to alleviate blisters caused by friction which it sounds like is causing your problem, also check if your feet are moving in your boot when walking and the size of boot for you is correct. Does it only happen in warm weather ?. The only time I may encounter problems is on long walks with a full pack and at the first signs of a hot spot I stop and use a compeed plaster on the spot and it seems to work every time. Hope some of the above helps as there is nothing worse than walking with painful feet.
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