Dyffryn to Shell Island Beach and Dunes Walk

Discussion in 'Wales' started by Lakeslover, Nov 4, 2017.

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    I am up at our caravan for the last trip of the year and embarked on a walk of a different kind to those I’m used to, along the Beach and back through Dunes and a Nature Reserve.

    Headed out from the caravan site and onto Dyffryn Beach, with glorious sunshine and a keen Northerly Wind, which I was walking into for the first half of the Walk.

    I’ve had a cold all week and so the fresh sea air was very welcome as I ploughed into the wind. The Beach was almost deserted and blissful with views up to the Llyn Peninsular.
    CB1EF49C-C300-45A9-A12F-1F476AD72325.jpeg 90F013EC-8648-46FE-ABDA-E0A90F500C61.jpeg
    I saw 2 jellyfish, but no Portuguese Man O War who have been making an appearance on this coastline for a number of weeks recently.
    ABAB24F7-5B59-46D2-949C-954466AE9A5D.jpeg 7BB5F3FD-E0DA-4041-9E7A-8376FCEF0BAA.jpeg
    I went up the beach as far as Shell Island, just over 3 miles, where the sand ends and it turns to rock and shale. I paused for my lunch, sat on a rock, enjoying the peaceful sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.

    I then climbed into the dunes and onto Shell Island itself, no one camping now but in the Summer it is one of Europe’s largest camping areas. I wasn’t entirely sure which way to go here and so followed my nose a bit and eventually ended up where I wanted to be, amongst the dunes in the Morfa Dyffryn Nature Reserve.
    I was sheltered from the wind here and so had to take a layer off for the up and down sections in the Dunes. It was a mixture of sheep tracks and long reedy grass for a bit and then some more established dune paths towards the edge of the Llanbedr Airfield. I passed an MOD Official Secrets Act sign for No Photography along here!

    Arrived back at the campsite having thoroughly enjoyed the 7.1 miles in 2 hours 15 minutes.
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    Thank you for posting!! Lovely pictures - great jelly fish :smile:
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