Durable and Versatile Pack with Rigid Spine - Forclaz Trek 100 Easyfit Review


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You can watch the full review here:

View: https://youtu.be/-RIU40ImSJQ

In this video I am going to make a review of my new backpack Forclaz Trek 100 Easy Fit 70 L from Decathlon. I bought it just recently to replace my old backpack Forclaz Travel 500 that was not satisfying my needs anymore. I chose to buy the 70L one because the 50L in this particular model didn’t seem enough for me looking at the dimensions (it is a bit narrower and higher). I have tested the backpack doing several day hikes in the region and I feel like it is in many things similar to my previous backpack and so I can share my opinion about it right away.

What kind of backpack do you use?
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