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Discussion in 'Gear, Equipment and Clothing' started by Paulsb, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Paulsb

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    Chorley Lancashire
    My main hobby is cycling and I have always been very focused on maintaining my bike and kit. I think it prolongs the use and improves performance.

    My only truly worthwhile walking kit are my new Meindl boots which I’m maintaining exactly as directed by the shop.

    The issue I have is drying boots. Previous pairs I would put on the radiator or in front of the fire. I now understand this is not a good idea and I’m simply keeping the boots at room temperature - fluctuates 16-20C - away from direct heat.

    The boots got quite wet on the surface on Thursday. This morning they are still far from dry. So two questions;

    Is there a correct way to speed this up?

    In terms of maintenance does it matter if I can’t get the boot fully dry before the next walk?

    You’ll gather I’m a very inexperienced walker.
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  2. Drago II - the sequel

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    This is an interesting and informative article with various hints and tips...

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  3. Rocky

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    I leave my wet boots inside in the warm and stuff them with newspaper. That seems to do the trick.
  4. ColinJ

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    I usually do the newspaper trick and at this time of year I put the paper-stuffed wet shoes/boots fairly close to a warm radiator.

    I liked the tip (on the site linked to by Drago) to blow air over wet footwear with a fan - I hadn't thought of that one. I think I'll give that a go in future, especially for wet cycling shoes which I am more likely to want to wear on consecutive days than my walking boots.
  5. Kevkev

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    Meindl's are good boots, my air revolutions the tongues and soles come out, take laces off (surprising how much water they hold) stuff with newspaper but keep changing with dry paper for faster dry. My Vakuums are all leather so paper again and put upside down in airing cupboard.

    As for wearing wet boots the next day, live with it, however, more fun trying to put frozen boots on after nights camping out!
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