Do you tape your feet / toes?

Discussion in 'General Walking Discussions' started by Tribble, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Tribble

    Tribble Regular Member

    I was reading on another site and someone talked about taping their feet to prevent blisters, but I couldn't quite figure out which bit of the foot or what sort of tape.

    Is this a common practice with walkers or were they just a bit of an oddball?
  2. Spinney

    Spinney Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Under the edge
    I frequently get blisters on the back of my heel, so sometimes I slap compeed on and strips of plaster over that to hold it in place*, as a pre-emptive measure. Sometimes it even works.

    The compeed tends to slide around on sweaty skin, especially with your socks pulling it downwards. But try to get the stuff off at the end of the walk without taking skin with it? No chance.
  3. Kevkev

    Kevkev Regular Member

    Zinc Oxide tape is what most use runners, walkers etc. However, if you need to tape up then could be boots and socks causing the problem and better fitting will save need for using tape.

    I carry Compeeds and use alcohol steri swabs to clean area which gets a good stick/ seal.
  4. Spinney

    Spinney Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Under the edge
    My feet must be a funny shape, because no matter how long someone spends fitting boots, I usually end up with blisters at some point. Tried lots of different brands over the years, as well.
  5. furball

    furball New Member

    I used to have quite bad bunions. I found the only way of taking pressure off them was to pad round about them. Chiropody felt with holes cut out where the bunions were worked really well. I did this for years until surgery sorted them out.
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