Do you have separate summer and winter socks or just layer them up?

Discussion in 'Gear, Equipment and Clothing' started by Macron, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Macron

    Macron Member

    As it's heading towards to colder part of the year I wondered if the rest of you have different socks you use for the summer and winter seasons or whether you just double/triple-up on summer socks or just use the same pairs year-round?
  2. LeeDonny

    LeeDonny New Member

    I have summer and winter socks because I find layering thinner socks makes my feet sweat too much; I don't use shoes though, always boots.
  3. Gravity Aided

    Gravity Aided New Member

    I use winter socks, wool ones from L.L.Bean, for the winter, and what are sold as diabetic socks in the summer. Both are reliable and usually keep my feet free from blisters, and they both do their jobs quite well.
  4. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    I use Bridgedale socks and have thinner pairs for my summer boots and thicker pairs for my winter ones.
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  5. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Nemesis Ridiculii Staff Member

    For me, doubling socks causes chafing that I don't get if I just wear thicker socks so it's seperate summer & winter ones here.
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  6. Glyder

    Glyder Regular Member

    A peninsula
    It was only a few years ago that I realized the received wisdom on socks had changed. It makes sense, though my 1960's Penguin edition of Mountaineering recommends two pairs. It's just before the section on the best way to nail your boots and use of hemp ropes whilst moving together: Top book.
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