Do you ever walk barefoot?


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No, it’s not for me. Can’t say I’ve ever tried it either, even in the summer when it’s warm I’ve never been tempted to go barefoot. I just don’t think I’d like the feeling, the bottom of my feet are sensitive, so it would probably feel completely “wrong” for me.

Do your feet toughen-up if you walk barefoot a lot then? And what about winter, surely you don’t walk barefoot in the cold?


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No. When I see the glass, rubbish, cans and other detritus scattered around I'm glad of the protection of my boots.


Not something I've thought about or tried. Always use footwear of some description or other; breathable shoes in summer, boots in winter.

I suppose I might give it a try were I ever to go to somewhere like Africa, of some place where it was dry and the locals walk barefoot all the time, but not here in the UK.


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It's never occurred to me to be honest. Living in an area where hawthorn hedges are common and having had a hawthorn penetrate a boot :blink: I'm not sure it's for me really.
:eek: seriously? Through a boot? Are they that sharp. Ouch!
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