Do I need walking trousers?

Discussion in 'Gear, Equipment and Clothing' started by walkthewalk, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. walkthewalk

    walkthewalk New Member

    New to walking already got the trek boots and on walks so far I have just used my jeans. I am however very aware of their limitations ie if they get wet they will be rather uncomfortable to walk in. Do I need to buy trekking pants? Do I need waterproofs over? Could I just get some comfortable warm tights? (the beauty is they will not flap in the wind)
  2. senior67

    senior67 Member

    You do need something to wear other than jeans when walking for the obvious reason you mentioned, I have in the past and still do alternate between wearing walking trousers when walking in popular areas and low level walks to wearing walking tights in mountain walks for comfort, and using waterproof over trousers for rain.

    There are numerous makes for sale so its worth going to a retailer in your area and trying on various types until you find a pair that you like.
  3. Cartable

    Cartable Regular Member Staff Member

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