Do any of you take panorama shots of the places you hike through?


A not so grim Grimwith Reservoir


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View attachment 146Back across the burn: Embleton Bay by Dave, on Flickr
I took a group of Cub and Beaver Scouts along that way recently - Dunstan Steads to Craster along the top of the ridge and then back along the shoreline. They loved it, especially when a pod of dolphins turned up in Embleton Bay at the end of the walk. I convinced them I'm actually a world renowned dolphin whisperer.


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Under the edge
So that's what Ben Ledi looks like without snow on it!

Lovely photos.


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I used to do quite a lot of panoramas from the top but they don't come out too well on this site as it reduces the width to screen size, they need to be about twice the width of the screen so you can move back and forward along them
this one from the top of Maoile Lunndaidh is about 2700 wide, but comes out poor when reduced in width
check out the eastern ridge of Lurg Mhor (left most) what a spectacular ridge, I would love to walk that but getting to the bottom of it would be a logistical nightmare.. I have done Lurg Mhor but from the Bearness side, I must one day see if I could get a ghillie to take me over to Pait Lodge but I have heard they're no too keen on the walkers. It would be a cracking couple of days making my way back round Monar taking in the likes of Sheasgaich, Tharsuinn, Chaorachan.
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