Do any of you still use paper maps?

Discussion in 'General Walking Discussions' started by Slowandsteady, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Slowandsteady

    Slowandsteady Regular Member

    I was just musing over what would happen if OS stopped making paper maps. Do any of you still use paper maps when you go walking? Maybe in areas you don't know or as a backup in case your phone or GPS runs out of power?
  2. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    I do!! I prefer paper maps - they are great when out walking (particularly as OS now make waterproof ones). I also like looking at them at home. It's fun to relive past walks looking at a proper map. Somehow it's much more fun that browsing digital maps. I do have a GPS unit and downloaded maps on my iPhone (which work when there's no signal) but I still prefer a proper map!!
  3. raleighnut

    raleighnut Regular Member

    Big fan of paper maps.
  4. Kevkev

    Kevkev Regular Member

    I use OS paper maps and print digital maps, use in areas I know or don't know and in conjunction with a compass all of which don't rely on batteries!


    I use Mapyx for printing maps which also enables me to print a 1:50000 map at 1:25000 saves pulling out the specs!
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  5. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Regular Member

    Prefer paper maps myself... easier to look at in the pub route planning with a couple of beers and good friends... a free digital one from os is useful addition though.
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  6. Spinney

    Spinney Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Under the edge
    Only use paper (usually the laminated waterproof type). The only GPS I possess is a Garmin 200 which has no maps in it, just gives a breadcrumb route which is fine for cycling, useless for walking (but it's handy for tracking where you've been).
  7. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Regular Member

    I would have the gps in my rucksack when in the mountains for when the clag comes in and just assures me of my location. Mine is an old skool garmin like yours. Only good for giving a grid reference mind but that’s all I ever need!
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  8. senior67

    senior67 Member

    Another one for paper maps I always take the relevant one on any walk I do, and after taking the time to learn to use them properly I feel quite confident in using them and know where I am, it has served me well in the past when encountering bad weather and difficult conditions.
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  9. Cartable

    Cartable Regular Member Staff Member

    I haven't bought an OS map in ages, but have used them in the past and would probably buy one if I was going for a few days to a new area.

    Checking their site they seem to offer a downloadable maps service for mobile devices that runs at an annual subscription that is roughly the cost of a couple of maps: (or one weatherproof map) - which seems like quite a fair price, although I imagine there's limited practical use on a mobile phone screen compared with opening out a paper map - in terms of scale, distance, and tracking to far off waypoints or end points.

    Has anyone used the mobile app? Any good?
  10. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    I use the mobile app on my iPhone - I have to say it's incredibly expensive to download maps (the 1:25k of the Lake District costs £41.99). The main problem is getting the phone to work in the rain..........which of course it does all the time in the Lake District.
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  11. odav

    odav Guest

    Only ever use OS Explorer paper maps. I've never owned any form of GPS.
    I enjoy teaching my children how to use map and compass.
    I love old maps, tattered and routes marked on them.
  12. Cartable

    Cartable Regular Member Staff Member

    Really? That sounds insanely expensive - is that on top of the subscription too, or was that as a one-off map download?
  13. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    One off download fee - it’s hugely expensive.
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  14. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Nemesis Ridiculii Staff Member

    Paper maps only for me as I don't have any devices that will do GPS. I also like to sit and browse a map a bit like reading a book.
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  15. Glyder

    Glyder Regular Member

    A peninsula
    Paper maps, still using the ones I covered in backing plastic over 20 years ago for the popular walking areas. I've supplemented them with Mapyx now which I print out if needed and my phone can give me a grid reference if I need it, GPS watch for recording where I've been and how far.
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