Do any of you go walking on your own? How safe is it?

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I was talking to a bloke the other week who walks all over the place on his own.

He looked an experienced walker, from his kit and clothing, and I asked him if ever gets worried, being on his own, ever feels unsafe? He said "No, I've been doing this for years and never had any problems".

I wonder how safe he is though. What if he slipped and fell and got stuck somewhere? Broke something?

How safe is it doing distance walking on your own and what sort of precautions do you take before heading out?


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I go walking alone quite often and don’t really worry too much about safety, outside of taking some basic precautions.

I take extra water and food, mainly sugary stuff in case I get trapped or fall and break something, just to keep me going until help arrives. I’d expect to be rescued or found within 72 hours, or maybe a little over taking account of neighbours and work colleagues missing me and raising the alarm (they all know I’m a keen solo walker).

Make sure phone, watch and GPS devices are all fully charged, and pack a light square foil blanket in case of overnight cold.

Basic first aid kit with a couple of bandages, sterile pads, sling, and nappy pin.

And mentioning where I’m planning on going to work colleagues regularly so they have an idea of roughly where I might be if I don’t turn up for work on Monday.

I have been very lucky to not have any major difficulties in the years I’ve been out walking, but would be interested to hear from others about kit and any problems you’ve run into?


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I don't do any off-piste walks as such and stick to the main flat, low level routes that are well travelled and populated, which means there are always other people around to assist should I get into any difficulties. To me this is the best way to of keeping myself safe.

Rather boring perhaps, but at least I always make it home safely. Well, so far anyway.

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Camping Queen

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Sounds like you take reasonable precautions to stay safe. Perhaps this chap did much the same.



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Equipment wise, always take a whistle then if you do find yourself in trouble you can have a good go at attracting attention.


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My preference is to walk alone and I've done most of my treks that way. I do also walk with Mrs R when she's free although since her neck and arm surgery following a nasty bike accident she hasn't been able to carry a it looks like it's me on my own in the future.

Am I worried about safety? No, not particularly. I'm pretty self-reliant and actually welcome the solitude.
I rather came up being a walker in a group, as any family get-together usually featured a long hike somewhere, usually at an easy pace for my sisters, and my ma probably capable of outpacing all of us.


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I also enjoy walking alone - but I am cautious about when I do it - I've only once gone alone in winter conditions, for example, and I almost always only do it in good weather. I don't carry any more (or less) than I would if I was walking in a group.
(And no, the fact that I happen to be female makes no difference. I'm at risk of the same things as a male solo walker. The chance of me be harassed in some way on the hills is negligible compared to the risk of something like that happening to me in a city.)

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Generally, Mrs Salad and I walk together, so if one got hurt the other could go and summon help. And we walk in commonly used areas, so there is a good chance of getting help from passers by.
I do sometimes go out on my own for longer walks, but ensure that I stick to well walked paths in case I get into any problems.
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