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  1. oldfatfool

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    Whilst a great believer in charity begins at home, it is nice when you can do something to help whilst just doing what you enjoy the most, or indeed having the experiance of a lifetime.

    I wanted to push my own personal limitations and comfort barrier and embarked on cycling over the Alps, accross France and on into the Pyrenees, it was a fantastic holiday full of new experiences, self discovery, fine food and finer wine. No real budget constraints, though I did carry my tent and spend most nights under canvas.

    During the planning stages very early on, I made the decision to turn my jolyday into a 'charity' event, partly because I was doing it in anycase, partly because a hound rescue I was involved with needed funds, but on a selfish note also to justify taking the time alone and the expense of the trip with the wife :evil:

    The trip also led to possibly my greatest achievement, writing, and having a book published. This is now available on general sale and documents my adventures, and better than that, all the profits go to further help greyhounds:wahhey:

    So from a fantastic holiday and my parents now being able to say their son is a pulished author my chosen charities have recieved over £3k from the ride and in the last 24 months the book as sold about 100 copies raising another couple of hundred.

    If you would like to add to this ongoing total then please feel free to purchase my book 'Climbing Mountains for Mutts' it will make a great stocking filler for adults of all ages and will help out greyhounds in rescues.

    So the next time anyone plans an epic holiday that involves a modicum of perceived effort i would encourage you to spend a couple of extra hours fund raising on the back of it, and your holiday memories and sense of acheivement will be all the greater for it.:okay:
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    Sounds like you had an interesting time, and good that you could support a cause you are clearly passionate about.

    One of my old bosses adopted an ex-racing greyhound. Not sure if it was this dog or if it is the breed, but it wasn't a particularly friendly or fussy dog, not in the way I'm used to with other dogs. How do you find them, personality wise?
  3. OP

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    As most hounds in rescue have had no home life and many have been illtreated then they can be wary of strangers and a little aloof. It may take a week or so of them living on your sofa with their back turned but once they know they are not going to get abused they soon cuddle up and become the most affectionate loyal and doting of dogs. Want very little exersise and arent known as lean machines for nothing. Dont expect a gurad dog though. Try googling utube vids of greyhounds to see how playfull they can be:okay:
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  4. Tribble

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    I expected you're right. He'd only had it a few days so it was probably still quite wary. :smile:
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