Can you recommend an easy to put up two person tent and sleeping bags


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As per my other thread I plan to go a bit further afield next year and have a few weekends away to walk in different parts of the country.

I had originally thought we could sleep in our car, but the advice on the forum seems to be to get a tent as it should give us a better night's sleep, so could you recommend a cheap tent the is small, lightweight, will fit two people in and is easy to put up (pitch?).

We would also need sleeping bags, but they don't need to be big bulky things as we will only be doing this in the spring and summer season.

I have no idea of the cost of these things so if you could suggest a few examples then I can compare them and think about budget.


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A couple of suggestions.

Have a look at the Vango Nyx 200 2-Person Tent £70.00 (although if either of you are taller than 5' 10" it might not be long enough):

Slightly more expensive is the OEX Bandicoot II 2 Man Semi-Geodesic Tent £180.00 (with a handy video to show you how to pitch it):

For sleeping bags have a look at these:

Vango Starlight 250 Sleeping Bag £30.00
Hi Gear Pioneer 350 Sleeping Bag £60.00

Shop around though because Go Outdoors has a strange pricing model that requires you to pay a fee to become a member to get the discounted price. I suspect they mark-up products and discount them for members to make the membership look more appealing, although I may be wrong on this, it is just an impression I get from visiting one of their stores.


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The Vango Nyx is very similar to the Vango Tempest that I have. The Vango Gamma 200 (no longer made) is a cracking little tent - both poles are the same length, it doesn't get any simpler! If you can find one, grab it as quick as you can, but they are very hard to get hold of.


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I'll be looking on ebay over the winter months so will keep your Gamma 200 suggestion in mind Andy, thanks. Thanks for the other suggestions too.
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